Visitor Destination Marketing

Our Team

Blair Brown

Founder - RedCap Marketing Inc.

RedCap founder Blair Brown began his business career as a Banker, and soon crossed over to Retail Management and Marketing. In 1966 he became the youngest Kentucky Fried Chicken Franchisee in the chain. In 1972 he opened the first Capt Sub franchise in Ontario and went on to sell franchises throughout the province and in Quebec. He entered the print media business in the 80's, as an owner and publisher of a weekly tabloid newspaper and a TV guide. RedCap Marketing began as an idea in 2009 and became reality in November 2011 with the sale of the company's first franchise.

Don Secord

Associate - RedCap Marketing Inc.

Don started his decades-long career as a Systems and Programming Manager for Kaufman Footwear in Kitchener, Ontario. Don then gained experience in the automotive industry, as Data Processing Manager for Gabriel Shocks. Returning to Nova Scotia as Director of Information Systems for Sobeys, Don was involved in Special Projects and Corporate Marketing for the Grocery Chain giant. Don continued his career as Director of Services for Action Business Machines of Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Vice President of Operations for Keelson Electronic Marketing Inc., Office Manager and MIS Manager for Cerescorp Inc. of Halifax, and MIS Director for Electrobraid Fence Limited. Don now focuses his extensive experience to assist in the launch of the innovative new company, RedCap Marketing Inc.

Jonathan Rose

Franchisee, RedCap Halifax

Jonathan has a BBA in Marketing and Management & 12+ years of experience in sales and customer service within the highly competitive telecommunications industry. Jonathan has always wished to be an entrepreneur and when he first heard of RedCap he realized it was an opportunity that was a perfect fit. Jonathan is currently a silent supporter as his wife Shelley introduces the RedCap program to Halifax. When Jonathan isn't working, he enjoys volunteering in the community and spending time with his two boys.

Patti Brown

RedCap Marketing Inc. Co-owner

Redcap co-owner and corporate treasurer stated out as a career banker. After transfers brought her from her Nova Scotia home to Ontario, she switched tracks and purchased a franchise for a new upstart quick service concept called Capt. Sub. She went on to own multiple units and joined the franchise team as a trainer for new franchises. Drawing on her banking and franchise experience, Patti keeps the good ship RedCap on course. •RedCap founder Blair Brown sold Patti her Captain Sub franchise.

Shelley Rose

Franchisee, RedCap Halifax

Shelley Rose is an ambitious entrepreneur with 13+ years of Sales experience of which the last 10 she spent within the competitive telecommunications industry. She has BBA in Marketing and Management from Mount Saint Vincent University. Shelley is ready to make a powerful impression on the Halifax travel destination market with her husband Jonathan. “We have always wanted to be in business for ourselves, and RedCap Halifax fits our goals and objectives perfectly”. When Shelley isn't working at RedCap she enjoys volunteering in the community and spending time with her two boys.