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Press Release: RedCap Marketing Inc. Welcomes Nadine Purdy to Their Team

RedCap Marketing Inc. welcomes Nadine Purdy as Creative Director and Vice President of Operations. Press Release – Dec 20, 2012 - RedCap Marketing Inc. has recently welcomed Nadine Purdy to their team as Creative Director and Vice President of Operations. With one franchise in Halifax and many more to come in 2013 the RedCap Team is excited about all the ways in which Nadine will support this growth.

Prior to accepting this position, Nadine graduated from NSCAD University with her Bachelor of Design. She worked as a brand ambassador for Rogers Communication Inc., ran blitz campaigns for brands such as Stride Gum and Trader Media Group. She was a student designer at the Halifax Discovery Centre and started working with RedCap as a part-time creative designer in 2009. Most recently she worked her way up as an intern to creative director at Apeeling Orange Design Communications from 2010-2012.

“I am really honored to finally come and work for the company I’ve helped start up,” comments Nadine. “It feels right, I’m extremely grateful that Blair and Patti have given me the opportunity to work with them in this capacity. They helped launch my career as a new designer, and now I’ve been given the opportunity grow in a management role.”

Purdy will be in charge of operations among franchises, marketing campaigns, developing franchise brand identify components, and supporting the franchisees and corporate staff.

The founders of RedCap are equally excited to welcome Nadine to the team. According to RedCap Founder, Blair Brown, “Welcoming Nadine to RedCap is more of a ‘Welcome Home.’ Nadine began her work with RedCap about three and a half years ago; the germ of an idea began to sprout, and we hired her as our graphic artist. We were meeting weekly as she grew the brand and we developed the logos, word marks and our ambitious business plan.”

“This month,” Brown continues, “it was time to hire a full time Creative Director and Vice President of Operations, and we offered Nadine the position. We are proud to have Nadine on the RedCap Team.”

RedCap Marketing Inc. is a travel destination marketing company that provides local businesses with an effective approach to reach the tourist market. High impact RedCap InfoStations, installed at major hotels and points of arrival, use eye-catching InfoTags with QR codes to direct travellers to local businesses and the discount offers they have made available for InfoTag users.

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